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Here are of some of the many ways CCEPOA has worked on behalf of all homeowners:
  1. Installed two oak trees in the Stockley St. park.

  2. Worked with the city and state for the installation of the Stockley St. park pavilion.

  3. Worked with City to purchase and install a community bulletin board for Stockley St. Tot Lot.

  4. Lobbied City to add two picnic tables to the Tot Lot.

  5. Created  all new website,, including By-Laws, News, and What we do for CCE homeowners.

  6. Successfully lobbied with City/DNREC officials for the past 15 years regarding Lake dredging project 

  7. Successfully lobbied the city to effect the installation of 2 stormwater interseptors (Tot Lot and Laurel Street) to filter sediment  and prevent debris from entering Silver Lake

  8. Worked with the city to upgrade/replace equipment at the Tot Lot as needed

  9. Lobbied the city to repair/replace the water fountain at the Tot Lot.

  10. Lobbied the city for at least 4 years and finally obtained  speed control devices to combat speeding on Hickman Street

  11. Lobbied for and received additional lighting on the west side of Scarborough Avenue at the request of the homeowners

  12. Work on an ongoing basis with Delmarva Power to replace deteriorating light poles in Country Club Estates

  13. Worked with Delmarva Power on the replacement of underground transformers and new feeder cable connections

  14. Successfully lobbied for additional lighting at Turtle Bridge for resident safety

  15. Advised the city of homeless issues in Silver Lake Park adjacent to the Tot Lot

  16. Worked with the city to have Envirotech provide maintenance at the edge of the lake, along the bank, i.e. keeping the foliage/grasses trimmed

  17. Worked with the city for mosquito control, spraying

  18. Call the city/property owners  for water cut-off during the winter months for leaks, water line breaks

  19. Available as a resource for property owners to answer questions, offer suggestions, etc. (i.e. Delmarva Power hired contractors to install devices for "energy savings" to regulate HVAC usage without homeowners permission)

  20. Annual meeting/luncheon - provides opportunity to meet neighbors, discuss common issues relevant to the community with other property owners and city officials

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